We choose our technology according the BATNEEC PRINCIPLE (Best Available Technology Not Entailing Excessive Costs). In practice, this means that we are emphasizing on thermal cleaning where possible and feasible. For specific applications liquids cleaning will be used. Rather than sourcing commercially available equipment on the market, Enviore develops the majority of its own processes. A part from the cost advantage, this approach offers to our customers the possibility of tailor made solutions, access to the LATEST TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENTS, far going FLEXIBILITY and finally delivers BETTER QUALITY FOR A LOWER PRICE.

Thermal cleaning

The latest development in thermal cleaning is FLUIDIZED BED TECHNOLOGY. The parts to be cleaned are submerged in a reservoir with HOT (350 – 550°C), BUBBLING SAND (treated and selected silica). The organics will quickly gasify and these off-gases are treated at a high temperature and finally filtered. Parts are recovered FREE FROM ORGANICS OR ASHES. The main advantages of fluidized bed technology are: short cleaning cycle (40-60min) – excellent cleaning quality – suitable for high volume cleaning – safety (no distortion or changes in surface quality) – energy efficiency and environmental compliance. In the rare cases where fluidized bed cleaning would not be suitable, regular PYROLYSIS OVEN treatment can be offered as well.

Liquids cleaning

For parts that will not withstand heat, liquids’ cleaning is the best alternative. We use bio-degradable liquids not containing chlorides or alike. The treatment is done in closed automatic jetting cabins that render the best results in the shortest possible time.


The purpose of the cleaned part will determine the required degree of cleaning. A series of after treatments is available: from economical, basic cleaning to ‘bright metal color’ treatment is possible.

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